God Sees Single Moms

“At times I feel like life is asking me to draw from empty places. I have to be fun, super patient mom even when my reserve is on empty…” ~Shanita Hubbard

I am sure there are many days when a single mom is running on empty emotionally, spiritually, financially. Perhaps there are days when a single mom feels forgotten and alone. I am fairly certain that at times a single mom feels overwhelmed with the responsibility and fear of raising a child on her own. What I know for certain is that God sees single moms and He is aware of their struggles

In Genesis 16, Hagar, Sarah’s handmaiden, was young and pregnant with the son of Abraham. The relationship between Sarah and Hagar became filled with jealousy – Hagar wanted Abraham’s devotion and affection, and Sarah wanted to bear Abraham’s child. The tension escalated, and Hagar left home and fled to the desert. Here she was, pregnant, alone and vulnerable. Life wasn’t supposed to be like this.

But God saw Hagar and sent an angel to comfort and encourage Hagar. The angel told Hagar that the LORD had heard her affliction. Abraham and Sarah may not have known Hagar’s whereabouts, but God knew exactly where she was, and He was watching over her. He loved Hagar right where she was.

God is still watching over single moms. He hears their affliction. He understands their struggle. He cares and loves them unconditionally.

In our effort to convey the love of God to single moms, we held our first Single Mom Oil Change & Pamper event on May 13. Through the efforts of Rev. Rafael Martinez and Arlene Kelley, we were able to partner with O’Reilly Auto Parts (S. Chicago Heights, IL) and Intrigue Salon and Day Spa (Dyer, IN) for this event. While the men changed the oil, our LIFT ladies and Intrigue pampered the single moms with a paraffin wax hand treatment, massage, DVD, homemade goodies, and activities to keep the chilldren occupied while mom was getting pampered.

What a great way to acknowledge single moms, and remind them that God sees them, and that there are people at The Crossroads who also see them and care about them. The lives of single moms intersected with the love of Jesus Christ. Thank you to all who volunteered. A special thanks to O’Reilly’s and Intrigue for your generous donations.

See you next year!