Life Traffic Report – Sunrise


Have you ever sat outside waiting for something to happen and almost missed or completely missed it?  This almost happened to me as I was wanting to see the sunrise. I thought the cloud cover was hiding the sun but I was wrong. Listen to today’s Life Traffic Report about watching for the sunrise.


Life Traffic Report – How To Fly


As a young boy I dreamed of flying.  In fact, for the last several years I’ve tried to work my way into R/C planes, but it’s a rather difficult thing to learn on your own.  I figured out quickly that I needed a mentor/coach to help me get to the point where I could confidently fly a plan. In this week’s Life Traffic Report I talk about some of the people we allow to speak into our lives.

Life Traffic Report – Get Out of Town


While taking the students to camp this week, I thought about what it was like when I would go to camp.  Camp to me was an opportunity to get away from “normal” life and get focused.  I still love to go camping and get away from it all. In this weeks Life Traffic Report I look at what it means to get away and focus on the right thing.